About UDR Radio

About UDR Media

Founded in 2004, Underdarock (UDR) Media is an international African media company. UDR focus is to deliver the best of Africa’s talent through entertainment and services based on the African Market globally. For over 20 years we have been in the African Marketing Business. UDR media use event production, online radio, TV, and magazine to engage the African community in the diaspora.
We truly care about our audience and we work with clients that do not just care about profits, but have the potential to impact lives and make the world a better place while increasing growth.
We use media to change lives, entertain, inform and impact our communities. We also use the same platform to develop projects, brands and organizations to become a leader in the African market. We don’t just see people, we see friends, families, future world leaders and that is why we are able to connect with them in a very organic way. We really understand the African market, and we know how to best integrate our clients with its audience.

Strategic partnerships

As UDR continues to grow and our reputation known and respected within numerous entertainment circles, we have been approached to partner with other businesses, groups and organizations to work with them on major annual projects. Theses collaborations ensure that UDR Media is always placed at the forefront of all African audience and communities.

Nigeria Independence Day Celebration

UDR Media is part of the organizing body for the largest Nigerian Independence celebration in the US. The independence festivities and celebrations take place annually in New York City and draws over 10, 000 participates from around the world. We are closely involved in all aspects of the parade including confirming and flying in well know celebrities to celebrate with us.

Nigeria Entertainment Awards

UDR Media is one of the founding members and executive producer of the Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA) since its inception in 2006. NEA is an annual event that celebrates and honors the best of Nigerian new and well-established artists. NEA Awards draws over 7000 attendees annually.

UDR Media Platforms

UDR is currently expanding its media reach with an immediate focus on Radio & Television, which is needed to bridge the gap between the entertainment experiences of Africans in the US, Europe and on the African continent. We use UDR Radio, UDR TV and social media platform to engage our community.
We are leaders in the African Entertainment Market and industry, do not wait till tomorrow, contact us today and allow us to drive your project forward.

UDR Radio

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